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The T&A sales area was looking to find a way to accelerate their sales processes, to reach their business goals faster.


Through the VIEW program, startups were sought that could help solve this problem, based on solutions that could integrate data from different sources.


Datagran is a startup that through Machine Learning offers automation of decision making, thanks to its ease of connection with different interfaces, as well as its algorithms, optimizes any process.


The pilot allowed sales to increase by 72%, there was a decrease in CAC of 25% and an increase in profitability of 77% with respect to the cost-benefit of what was invested vs what was obtained.

Javier García

Innovation Experience  

"We seek to offer disruptive alternatives to the different areas of the business, through VIEW Accelerator. Thus, we can bring and collaborate with startups from all over LATAM related to the Prop-Tech industry."

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