Cinépolis in a different way 

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the entertaiment startup


Cinépolis's innovation area sought to increase customer satisfaction, capture their attention, drive sales and obtain data, through an interactive experience.


In order to achieve its goal, it approached Cinépolis Ventures and through its pilot program, the connection with Órale, a startup that develops interactive games, was achieved.


A pilot was carried out in different cinemas, to validate this technology, its use, adaptation and its results.


The pilot generated an increase in income from the sale of space on screens, price savings, an increase in the influx and an increase in extra purchases in candy stores.

Daphne S. Leger

Innovation Experience  

"In the area of ​​innovation at Cinépolis, we are looking to create better experiences for our users, prior to entering the film, we have a space that we have not been able to make the most of" 


Business Case

Grupo Modelo in a different way 

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